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Fort Wayne, IN


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Located in Fort Wayne, IN at the corner of Lima & Coliseum (just across from Chucky Cheese) Crush House Entertainment offers a number of services including; recording, mixing & mastering, artist management, event coordination & much more.


Established in 2011, we have specialized in recording and artist promotions as well as event coordinating. We have supplied talented artists to Fort Wayne venues such as Piere's Entertainment Center, Early Bird's Ultra Lounge, YOLO, The Philmore on Broadway and festivals such as, RiverFest, Three Rivers Festival and Hoagland Days.  We also coordinate the fast growing and popular Crooked Lake Music Festival.


We pride ourselves on the ability to be able to assist our clients, in everything from pre-production to post production, not only in the studio, but on the stage.

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Zandria - Real ft. T-Zank
  1. Zandria - Real ft. T-Zank
  2. J Tubbs - Man I'm Fresh
  3. Zandria - Performance of Her Life
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  5. musegain song
  6. musegain song
  7. musegain song
  8. musegain song

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